1 – Exposing during the conference

How to put your product or service in contact with professionals from all over Brazil and the world that speak the same language: that of business at business? Artists, agents, promoters, event producers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the areas of sound, light, design, technology, communication: all meet in the BRMC and be present at EXPORFAIR with a stand or a specific activation are an opportunity (and a showcase) UNIQUE!

2 – Announcing in our offline means

A Yearbook considered the bedside book of market professionals, an official guide or a bag (where giveaways, vouchers and printed) can be inserted: The BRMC offers efficient and high quality communication channels that they are attractive to accompany the conference goers for a long time! A printed ad or your brand stamping the official bag exhibitions and impact a large number of people – in some cases for many years.

3 – To be present in our online media

In addition to a portal that is a reference in the segment, the BRMC also has a registered email base that is activated through regular newsletters. Link your brand to these content that are respected as relevant sources of information by the market or even insertions in social network channels are some of the possibilities of online activations of your brand!

4 – Showing your talent in showcases

The best visiting card of any professional is your work and with artists this rule is no different. Through showcases stamps, events and collectives and artists can show their sounds live during the BRMC!

5 – Presenting content at the conference

The content of BRMC distinguish the conference by the high level of debates, always with current affairs and highligh guests exposing opinions and ideas. These panels and workshops, which have been recognized for years by the market, can be present by brands that intend to share knowledge, techniques or discuss matters with the public of the BRMC.


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