Installed four years ago, in the same placen where the center of Jewish culture was located, Unibes Cultural has been consolidating its role as hub of culture, creative entrepreneurship and social causes in the city of São Paulo, by converging, connecting and distribute culture and differents knowledge.

Accessible, beautiful and stripped, the institution, located next to the subway station Sumaré, has no strategy to create a new agenda for São Paulo, but to enhance what is already done in the city, through spaces, meetings, debates and reflections for everyone who wants to help prepare city for the future. The vocation of the institution coincides with that of the Brazil Music Conference, assuming a role, not only as a public trainer, but also as a tranformative agent of the cultural scenario.

São Paulo has been receiving editions of the Brazil Music Conference since 2012. Space houses the conference since 2013, still as CCJ. As Unibes Cultural will be the 4th year, consolidating a lived and attractive partnership.

Service: Oscar Freire Street, 2,500 – Next to the Sumaré Subway (Green Line 2) / SP
Convenience Store – Oscar Freire Street, 2.617.

With one more successful edition approaching, this is your chance to connect with the biggest players in the market. Be present at the most important meeting of dance music and show business of Latin America. Check here the first confirmed activities here and ensure your registration.

Remember: registration guarantees your participation in the closing party, which will be in the super Laroc club (learn more).